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Have you always wanted to be a ghost hunting P.I.?
Chased by demon spirits or a malicious entity?
Can you evade the evil entity that haunts a local house or business?
Whatever the circumstance, The Paranormal P.I. will test your wit, your skills, and your courage as you battle the paranormal. Explore a haunted location.
Find evidence.
Make your report.
Finalize the investigation.
The Metagames Career Development Series:
The Metagames Career Development Series was a multi-platform publishing project with over 15 games and one mobile game.

games published by Metagames

The Legend of Drake
Fire Alch
The Dinotopia Series
The Legend of Drake
The Official Bloodborne (Metagames) Website


Paranormal P.I. (PC)


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Features Key:

  • There are ten 5-somethings to find
  • If you find them all, you can get your bonus if you play the Maximum Bonus
  • A bit of bonus action humor
  • Different rooms with unique wilds
  • Frogs in a pond
  • Skeleton Toads
  • Cozy bonus action illustration
  • Lumpy-umpkin-squishy bonus action art
  • Lots of weird bonus action extras
  • Evolvable bonus action cats
  • Booby-bunnies and their quivering fur
  • Bonus action Creatures Calling the Casbah
  • What am I that I do not answer the call of an African marketplace with a slightly wacky tone to it?
  • Bonus action Mayhem!
  • You can get the full poem (video’s to come) by buying the double booklet set, or download the zip

    The maximum bonus is the double tripe, which includes forty 5-somethings in green, red, blue, sky, sunflower yellow, tomato red, and a few other bonus colored pages.

    The bonus art was created by Neug. He excels at bonus action creations… and bonus action illustrations. Follow him on instagram for a few bonus illustrations.

    The Spooky Bonus Game by Lottie Jane Games

    Care and feeding of one’s cat
    Yep, I was recently told about a


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    Beware of all the mystery and terror that you may find in this game. A beautiful island with a dark and mysterious history awaits you! Explore its massive levels and discover a whole new gameplay experience that breaks the boundaries of traditional hidden object games.
    While the game may be played alone, it may also be an excellent source of motivation to complete it. The soundtrack may trigger flashbacks, so beware!

    There are many possible endings, this is only one of the ways it can end! This game is not based on a single storyline, but on multiple different storylines, as in real life.

    If you like games like: Puzzle Quest 2, A Bug’s Life, Where’s My Water?, Showtime, etc.

    Note: there are different endings for every level and therefore, every time you will play the game, you will get a different set of endings!

    Reviews for People Who Bought the Full Version:

    “This game is quite a genre breaking game. This is the beginning of the second-generation HOG games in terms of gameplay style and story.”


    “I never thought that I would want a game to end with a cliffhanger. For once I was wrong. This is a great new HOG game with an excellent narrative and great gameplay. To be honest, I didn’t think I would enjoy a HOG game so much but I did. The only bad thing is that the game didn’t let me reach the last level.”


    “The quality of this game is incredible, and all the different storylines work perfectly together with the gameplay. There are a lot of puzzles and mini-games, which are well suited for the storyline and tone of the game.”


    “I think that the creators of this game intended for it to be more interactive, but for many it may look like a HOG without a personality. The main reason for this game’s success is the story, which is so well written that it also hooks the players.”


    “I thoroughly enjoyed the game, thanks for the warm welcome, and a big thank you for not making it a full bore epic thing. My character was key in my personal choice and I’d tell anyone considering buying this to make sure they enjoy


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    Key Features:•Earn Time-based Reward Packages for completing various tasks.Tasks include collecting Vtuber characters, rescuing them, searching for Neptunes, playing and completing missions, and completing daily tasks.•New Vtuber characters will be added regularly as new missions are released.Tasks include searching for the newest Neptunes, completing missions, and playing the newest Vtuber Missions.•Earn Tickets through completing each Vtuber’s Character Info, Vtuber Memes, Submissions, and Missions.•The number of available rewards will increase with time.Events and content will be added based on the number of tickets you earn.•All tickets earned will be in Reward Boxes that can be opened in the ‘Reward Box’ section of the ‘User Information’ menu.Tasks that are common to most of the Vtuber characters will be available for all Vtuber characters.•The number of tickets each Vtuber will earn will depend on their score.•You will not receive duplicates of any tickets you already have in your reward box.Tasks will be available for any Vtuber character that has completed them.•You will receive tickets and any rewards for Tasks completed before the date that an event, content, or event features your Vtuber character will begin.Tasks and rewards can be used after they have been completed in order to use them before the beginning of an event, content, or event featuring your Vtuber character.•Tasks and rewards can be obtained from your ‘User Information’ menu’s ‘Reward Box’ section. Rewards include Vtuber characters, Vtuber outfits, Neptunes, and items that will be added based on the number of tickets you have earned.Tasks include downloading, opening, and playing Vtuber missions. Rewards include Vtuber characters, Vtuber outfits, Neptunes, items that will be added based on the number of tickets you have earned, and skills for a Vtuber character.Tasks include playing Vtuber missions, entering their events, and completing their missions. Rewards include new Vtuber characters, Vtuber outfits, Neptunes, items that will be added based on the number of tickets you have earned, and skills for a Vtuber character.Tasks include returning them to their base, adding them to your team, returning them to the same section of their base, and finding all the blue Neptunes in their base. Rewards include all the characters found in


    What’s new:



    From the « Quisition » series, the Venmire Woods I map pack is a set of new estate tiles for the brave fantasy husband and wife and their children. The woods are full of cunning and danger, just like the in-game areas they come from. Three new series of interactions between the wild creatures of the woods are therefore included in this pack, and the old wild beasts: boars, chickens, wolves, toads and mice are added to the world. Oak trees, intricate trees, and many shaded areas to discover and hide your treasures. You will be able to explore the Venmire Woods for many hours, but beware, danger can hide anywhere.

    This map pack also includes one new map: « Valera Exposed », a common new map used to replace the old « Courtyard Trial » dungeon in game, hence the name « Valera Exposed ».

    New Interactions:

    Boars: the boars are nasty, they love to feast on the roots of the oak trees in the woods. The villagers can then find them in the woods after every spring and fall (however, the boars will get stronger during winter and spring, and run wild in the woods). In addition, you can also have the boars attack travellers in the wood, especially when they decide to make a settlement and cultivate the land.

    Bears: the bears rummage in the caves of the woods. The players can also see bear traps set up near the caves and the forest, and they can attack even the barefoot hunters.

    Crows: the crows of the woods behave in the same way as the ravens and are – for the most part – helpful: they can scare away thieves from the nearby houses, and they will bring to the nearby villagers messages and treasures stolen by the thieves.

    Vipers: the vipers are also not entirely helpful, they are stronger in the spring, and raid in the evening the ‘wandering’ travellers coming through the woods.

    Chickens: the hens are the new toad neighbors in the woods. The villagers have removed their nests, and the hens are angry about their loss: they attack (and can kill!) the players in the woods.

    Toads: the much feared boars are also their neighbors in the woods (surprise!): they can be found at the end of the old boar trails and


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    A story you’ll be telling yourself for years to come…

    A game that pays homage to the classic side-scrolling beat-em-ups of the 90’s, and the role-playing games of the last 20 years, which continues to shine with its own brand of clarity, wit, creativity and style.

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    The original Italian creators


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    System Requirements For Zombie Horde:

    OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
    Processor: Dual-core CPU 2.0 GHz or faster
    Memory: 3 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics device with WDDM 1.0
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: At least 6 GB available space
    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Quad-core CPU 3.0 GHz or faster
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11